Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (Part 6)

The petition of 1776 continues from (part 5)...

"And therefore willing to acquit our conscience and not entail Slavery upon our posterity by submitting to the pretensions and impositions of the pretended proprietors, We the Inhabitants of the North and South Sides of Kentucke River having assembled togather after preparatory notice on the Eight day of June 1776 and continued to poll till the 15th of said Instantin....[illegible] a majority has chosen Captain John Gabriel Jones and Captain George Rodgers Clark, and hope ye Honorable the Convention will receive them as our Delegates from this the Western parts of Fincastle County."

In June 1776 these folks were faced with the issue of slavery.   As a group, they would "not entail Slavery".  They identified themselves as "inhabitants" of the "North and South Sides of Kentucke River", being the western part of Fincastle County, Virginia.

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