Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Town Spring

The precise location of the earliest landmark defining the town lands of Danville goes by the name "The Town Spring".  There has been general agreement that this spring is near First Avenue, and a variety of specific areas have been suggested.  This spring can be located on a city map of 1876.  The following is shown:

First Avenue is clearly marked.  It extends south along the square and crosses Main Street.  [This was originally called "Broad Street" because it was 90' wide and" broader" then any other street of the original town surveys.  A stream is shown beginning at the middle of First Street behind a house labeled "J. Meuir" as best as I can tell.

An enlargement of this area is shown above giving more of an outline of its flow. [I have traced the stream as it flows SW to Main Street, continuing SW to what was originally called "Second Street".  It then flows almost due south.]

Now using the survey recorded in the very first patent, place the town lands of Danville as drawn.

"A" is the beginning at a "Sugar Tree" near spring known by the name of "Town Spring".

Monday, October 13, 2014

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