Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (Part 5)

The petition continues from (Part 4)...

"But should our Infant Settlement become the object of your deliberations, and be taken under your protection and Direction unto whom we justly conceive to Belong, Every Obstacle would be Removed, Population increase and of consequence a Barrier to the interior parts of Virginia from the Indians.  A new source of wealth would then be opened, as Trade and Navigation under the auspices of Virginia would Flourish, in the Western world.  And therefore willing to acquit our conscience and not entail Slavery upon our posterity by submitting to the pretensions and impositions of the pretended proprietors,..."

The basic argument of this "Infant Settlement" was that if Virginia would officially claim this new settlement area; 1) every obstacle would be removed, 2) the population would increase, 3) provide a "Barrier" to the most western parts of Virginia against the Indians, 4) a new source of wealth would be opened, and 5) trade and navigation would flourish "in the Western world".  Wow, who could refuse such an opportunity. 

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