Friday, November 13, 2015

An Act of Separation 1785 (4)

The words continue:

"We therefore with the consent and by the authority of our Constituents, after the most Solemn deliberation being warned of every consequence, which can ensure, for them, for ourselves and for Posterity unborn - do Pray - That an act may pass at the ensuing session of Assembly, declaring and acknowledging the Sovereignty & Independence of this district. -

Having no objective in view, but the acquisition of that Security and happiness, which may be attained by a Scrupulous adherence to principles of private justice and public Honor, we should most willingly at this time, enter into the adjustment of the concessions, which are to be the condition of our Seperation, did not our relative situation forbid such negotiation, anxious however to bring this interesting part of the transaction, to a Speedy Issue, we have appointed the Honble George Muter & Harry Innes Esquires to present this Address, and in our behalf to enter into & ratify such engagements, as may ascertain the general Principles, on which the final adjustment of the conditions of Separation is to be established. -"

From: Petitions of The Early Inhabitants of Kentucky To The General Assembly of Virginia 1769 - 1792, by James Robertson. p. 81