Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Act of Separation 1785 (2)

The petition of 1785 from Danville continues:

"To recite minutely the causes and reasoning, which directed, and will justify this Address, would we conceive be a matter of impropriety at this Juncture; It would be preposterous for us, to enter upon the support of facts and consequences, which we presume are incontestible; our sequestered situation, from the seat of Government, with the intervention of a mountainous desart of two hundred miles, always dangerous, and passable only at particular seasons, precludes every Idea of a connexion, on Republican principles; The Patriots who framed our Constitution Sensible of the impracticability of connecting permanently, in a free Government, the extensive Limits of the Commonwealth, most wisely made provision for the Act which we now Solicit-, To that Sacred Record we Appeal.-"

The spellings are typed as given.  The last post begins this record.