Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kentucky Co. VA 1776

The humble petition of Junes 1776 (see previous eight posts!) was acted upon fairly quickly by those folks in Virginia.  The Bill that created Kentucky Co. [also Washington and Montgomery Co.s] was introduced into the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia by a fellow named Thomas Jefferson.  The date was October 26, 1776, and it would have been only four months after the folks from Harrodsburg had put their pen to the petition.   The Bill was approved on December 7, and was signed into law by the then governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry. [Another fellow not very well known!]

The Bill was to become effective on December 31, 1776.   Fincastle County was no longer after this date. [Fincastle Co. was in existence from December 1, 1772 until December 31, 1776.]  For the genealogist, this is the earliest records of what was to become the State of Kentucky...this new county of Virginia called "Kentucky County".