Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ten Pre-State Conventions ( I.)

At Danville, from page x [Journal of the First Constitutional Convention of Kentucky] is listed:

"I. The First Convention was begun to be held on Monday, December 27, 1784.  Colonel William Fleming was elected President, and Thomas Perkins, Clerk.  Delegates to this convention were chosen from the several Militia Companies of the District."

A partial list of officers and men at the battle of Point Pleasant, Oct. 10, 1774 can be found in the reference titled Virginia Colonial Militia 1651 - 1776, edited by William Armstrong Crozier.  On page 89 it list William Fleming as one of the "Colonels" wounded at this battle.  [The commanding officer Brig-General Andrew Lewis was killed.]  A general listing of these troops can be found on pages 79 -94.  I suspect that many of these men were involved in the first few meetings surrounding the formation of the State of Kentucky.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ten Pre-State Conventions

Between November 1784 and April 1792, there were ten pre-state conventions all held in Danville.

 The above shows the title page of the "Journal of the First Constitutional Convention of Kentucky" held in Danville, April 2 to April 19, 1792. [The final meeting of the prior conventions where the separation from Virginia was finally arranged.]

On page x of the pamphlet is outlined the dates and the names of some of the folks involved.  The next several posts will give this information.  The process to become a State took also ten years in the lives of those living in Danville.

Item 1:

     "An informal meeting of 'the principal men of the District' which resulted in the calling of the First Kentucky Convention was held on November 7 and 8, 1784.  Colonel William Fleming presided on the first day of the meeting and Colonel Isaac Shelby presided on the second day.  Christopher Greenup was chosen Clerk."

The participants of the battle of "Point Pleasant" made up many of the folks recorded among these pages.  Colonel William Fleming was seriously wounded in the battle which became a legend among the settlers of this area.  He also secured as many as 30,000 acres with some being in all three counties. [Jefferson, Fayette, Lincoln]

Isaac Shelby was considered the "hero" of "Point Pleasant" who lead a flanking attack to save the day. [He was to become the first Governor of the State.]

Christopher Greenup was one of the first Trustees of the town lots of Danville, and purchased lot #57 with George Nicholas and Thomas Barbie.  The year 1784 was to start things off.

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