Monday, April 20, 2015

Town Lots Prior to 1792

Prior to 1792, the town lots of Danville were under the care of Trustees.  [See post 4 Mar. 2015 "In Trust"].  The figure which follows show the lots as "sold" up to the time Kentucky became a State of the Union.

Town Lots Occupied Prior to 1792

The 10 lots held by Harry Innes remains in blue. [14,20,35,43,44,45,46,47,55,56]

The lots which include the remaining Trustees are shown in green.  They are as follows:

Peter Tardeveau had six lots. [4,8,12,25,62,63]
George Muter had four lots. [52,53,54,55]
Thomas Perkins had four lots. [28,29,50,51]
Andrew McCalla had two lots. [1,21]

The Trustees held 26 lots between them which is 41% of the town prior to 1792.

The remaining lots were occupied by the following folks:

James Edwards had two lots. [5,6]
Issac Hite had two lots.[38,39] A business partner to Walker Daniel.
John Cohurn had two lots. [7,11]
George Slaughter had two lots. [25,26] Old George was a relative of mine!

A total of eight lots which is 13 % of the town.

The lots shown in white are those that did not seem to be sold to others, and were the remaining lots opened after 1792.  [16/63 = 13%] It would appear that at least three lots per block remained unoccupied except for the block on the north side of "Broad Street" = Main Street.

This was the town lots prior to 1792!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Town Lots of Harry Innes

What was to become the "Town Lots of Danville" were sold by the estate of Walker Daniel starting 1785.  The first name to sign the petition for the founding of Danville was Harry Innes.  He became the next Attorney General for this new area of Virginia, and a leading individual in the future of the town.  The following figure shows the "lots" purchased by him from 1785 - 1791.  He came to own 10 lots as shown in blue.

From the "Public Square" [Now Constitution Square] his lots spread to the southwest.  This represents almost 18 % of the town. 

Harry Innes was to play a significant role in the formation of the state of Kentucky.  Any folks related out there?