Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (part 8)

The petition from 1776 continues form (part 7)...

"Upon the whole we Cheerfully submit to the Authorities and Jurisdiction of this House, not doubting but you will take us under your protection, and give us such direction by our Representatives, as you in your great Wisdom may think Best, and your petitioners as in Bound &c.

     Herrodsburg, June 7 - 15th. 1776
     Signed by order of the Inhabitants
                                                                                           Abraham Hite, Jr.

A note in Robertson's text p. 38 reads: This was sent first to the committee of Fincastle County and by them to the Convention.

It is important to notice that the Hite family plays an important role in the early settlement of Kentucky.  Isaac Hite is involved in the future settlement of what was to become Danville.

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