Friday, May 9, 2014

Events 1776 - 1777

Events that were happening in this newly formed "Kentucky County" during December 1776 and early 1777, lead to the folks joining together within three forts.  A general geographic relatioship of these forts are shown in the figure below.  It is traced from John Filson's map of 1784, but only the three forts are drawn.

What was to become the town lands of Danville was roughly ten miles NNW above Fort Logan and along the trail to Fort Harrod.  According to Ann Bolton Bevins, the Indian attack on McClelland's fort Dec. 29, 1776, resulted in  "...the Kentuckians' decision to hover together in three forts rather than four."  She states that there were forty men at Boonesborough, twenty men at St. Asaph's (Fort Logan), and seventy or eighty at Harrodsburg.   Poor Boonesborough was not an easy trip between these forts.  Henderson's Transylvania Company was centered here, and these folks were from NC.   Folks from PA and VA had moved into the area south of the Dick's River.  Interesting that the lands halfway between the PA and VA groups would be later selected as the Town lands of Danville.

Reference is: The Royal Spring of Georgetown, Kentucky by Ann Bolton Bevins, Scott County Historical Society, Georgetown, KY, 1970.