Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Journal (2)

The Journal continues:

"On Motion Ordered that the rules and regulations for the government of the Convention of July 1789 be read and thereupon the same are adopted as the rules and regulations for the Government of this Convention."

The first act of the new state was to adopt the previous "rules and regulations" [under Virginia] that had been in place during the prior year. 

"A letter from the Honble George Muter former President of a Convention to the President of this Convention inclosing certain Acts of Congress together with its inclosures were read & ordered to be referred to a Committee of the whole Convention which to sit Tomorrow."

The newly formed Congress of these now united 13 colonies [plus Vermont formed 1791] had something to say about the formation and acceptance of any new State into these "United States".  These "Acts of Congress" were read this day before all the folks attending.

"Resolved, That this Convention will Tomorrow resolve itself into a Committee of the whole Convention to take into consideration the matters to them referred."

"Ordered That the Act of Assembly of the State of Virginia passed the 18th day of December 1789 entitled 'An Act concerning the erection of the District of Kentucky into an Independent State' together with the resolution of the Convention passed the 30th day of June 1790 be referred to the Committee of the whole Tomorrow."

Additional orders were issued during this meeting involving the appointment of certain committees, a "Sarjeant at arms", and a "doorkeeper". 

This days activities (day 2) was ended by the following motion:

"On Motion, Ordered that when this Convention doth adjourn, that it adjourn to the Presbyterian Meeting house adjoining Danville".