Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Mouth of the Great Kanawha

Colonel William Preston held the keys to the first "official" surveys made in what was to become Kentucky.  Under the directions of the governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore", he was appointed the "chief surveyor" of Fincastle County.  Only those properly deputized by him (Preston), could carry out surveys in this new territory.

In the Maryland Gazette, March 10th, 1774 was published the following information:

"Fincastle County, Virginia, January 27, 1774."

"Notice is hereby given to the gentlemen, officers, and soldiers, who claim land under his Majesty's proclamation of the 7th October, 1763, who have obtained warrants from his Excellency, the right honorable the Earl of Dunmore, directed to the surveyor of Fincastle county, and intend to locate their land on or near the Ohio, below the mouth of the Great Kanawha or New River, that several assistant surveyors will attend at the mouth of New river on Thursday, the 14th of April next, to survey, for such only as have or may obtain his lordship's warrant for that purpose..."

                                         "William Preston, Surveyor of Fincastle County"

Such begins the surveys of what was to become Danville, KY.  Issac Hite was one of the deputy surveyors.  He was also a business partner of Walker Daniel.  Both had something to do with the founding of this place, Danville.