Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Act of Seperation 1785

August 8, 1785 was the third pre-state convention to be held in Danville.  On the 23rd September, 1785 a petition was addressed :

                                    "To The Honorable The General Assembly of Virginia".

It is a fairly lengthy petition, but since it presents the rationale for a separate state, I thought it would be of interest to give this document full coverage.  The next several post will give the petition which of course was signed by Samuel McDowel, and Levi Todd [not Thomas Todd].

"The Subscribers resident, in the Counties of Jefferson, Fayette, Lincoln, and Nelson, composing the district of Kentucky, being chosen at free Elections, held in these Counties respectively, by the Freemen of the same, for the purpose of constituting a Convention to take into Consideration the General State of the District, and espressly to decide on the expediency of making application to your Honorable Body, for an Act of Seperation -: deeply impressed with the importance of the measure, and breathing the purest filial affection, - Beg leave to Address you on the momentous Occasion. -
     The Settlers of this distant region, taught by the arrangements of Providence, and encouraged by the conditions of that Solemn Compact, for which they paid the price of Blood, to look forward to a Seperation, from the Eastern parts of the Commonwealth, have viewed the subject leisurely, at a distance and examined it with caution on its near approach; irreconcileable as has been their situation to a connexion with any Community beyond the Apulachian Mountains, other than the Federal Union Manifold as have been grievances flowing with their Population; They have patiently waited the hour of Address nor ever ventured to raise their voices in their own cause.  Untill Youth quickening into manhood, had given them vigor and Stability. -"

Spellings are given as recorded in Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky, by James Robertson, starting p. 79 to p. 80.  In 1785 there were four counties formed.  Interesting reading it is.  More to come.