Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ten Pre-State Conventions (II.)

"II.  The Second Convention was begun to be held on Monday, May 23, 1785.  Judge Samuel McDowell was elected President, and Thomas Todd, Clerk."

By 1785, the McDowel and Todd family had started their rolls in the settlement of Danville and the future state of Kentucky.

The Todd family had established Toddsbury, VA, 1653. [a namesake Thomas Todd was the founder.]

 It was 1737 when the McDowell family arrived to the colonies among the 100 families joining the "Burden Grant" of 500,000 acres.  [Scotch and Irish immigration of course.]  It was 1772 that Samuel McDowell appears as a member of the Burgesses of Augusta County, VA.  He became actively involved in the conventions of 1775 and 1776 prior the Revolutionary War.  His first land grant in what was to become Kentucky is found July 11, 1775 for 2000 acres surveyed by John Floyd on the waters of Elk Horn.

References are:

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