Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Documentation

Records from the pages of history are part of the story.  Documentation is the role.  The following pages are copies of  the documents used to write the story of Danville.  They are given for those who might want to research the primary documents for their own understand. 

Microfilm "REEL NO. 1" is the source for much of the documentation regarding the early days of Danville. [Part of Virginia at this time.]  The reels are stored in Frankfort at the Kentucky History Society Museum.  They were filmed by the Kentucky Historical Society July 18, 1969.

The reel contains the first 528 pages of the supreme court records of Kentucky District beginning 11-4-1783.  The above page is from the index of this record showing the listing "Danville Plan of Town" on page 67.  This record is the first story of our town Danville.  Check it out.