Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Around The Town in 1774 - 1776

Finding springs, marking trees, planting corn, and building cabins were all part of the activities during the years 1774 to 1776.  The following map attempts to show the folks who found the land around the area that was to become Danville irresistible.  The surveys of these folks have been presented in previous posts.  The figure below is drawn to scale, and the approximate location of these surveys are drawn to scale.  North is to the top of the page, and the Dix River is drawn being on the eastern border of what is now Boyle County, KY.  A 1 mile marker line is given, and 1400 acres would be about a 2.2 miles by 1 mile rectangle.

The tiny square in the SW corner of John Crow's land [shown in green] would become the 76 acres of the "Town Lands" yet to be purchased.  A small matter of separation from the British Empire would slow things down after that declaration of July 4, 1776.

The land of James Brown [shown in blue] would be the southern border, and that of Thomas Harrod [shown in orange] would be western most border.  The lands of John Clark [shown in pink] would be to the south, and the lands of James Harrod [not colored] would be to the northwest.  "Boiling springs", "sinking spring", and the "town spring" would all play a role in the settlement of this area.

Clark's Run is shown in dark blue, and runs just south of the town lands.

So there you have it...all around what was to become, the "town lands" of Danville, in 1774 - 1776.