Friday, August 23, 2013

Azor Rees 1774

The transcription of the early "Certificate Book" by Lucas shows the record to be blurred leaving the name "....... Rees".  It has been felt by Collins to be "Azor Rees" who with a Joel Rees is the only other by this surname in the records.  At any rate, Azor Rees seems the most likely to have made a settlement lying dear the "Knob Lick".  It reads:

"------- Rees this day claimed a preemption of 1000 Acres of Land in the district of Kentucky on Acc't of Marking and improving the same in the year 1774 & 1775 lying near the Knob Lick Isaac Shelby having Obtained a Cert. for the------"

[ p. 260, Certificate Book of The Virginia Land Commission 1779 - 1780, published by The Kentucky Historical Society, 1981.]  Collins notes can be found in his Kentucky History, Vol. 2, p. 517.

Knob Lick was a distinctive land mark found on Filson's first map of 1784.  Isaac Shelby would certainly have something to say about this new land.  This land mark is just south of what was to become the town lands of Danville.

For this early map see post of December 13, 2012 which shows the central Kentucky area.  See if you can find this "Knob Lick".

Friday, August 2, 2013

James Brown 1774

Certificates continued to be issues by the court held at Harrodsburg October 28, 1779.   John Cowan in behalf of James Brown received the following:

"(Cert issued for 1400 fees &c pd. D.D. to John Cowan)

      John Cowan in behalf of James Brown this day claimed a right to a settlement and preemption to a tract of land lying on Clarks Run about 1 Mile or 1 and a half Miles above Clarks Station by improving the same in the year 1774 and raising a Crop of Corn on the premises in the year 1776 satisfactory proof being made to the Court they are of the Opinion that the said Brown is entitled to a settlement of 400 Acres of land including said improvement & the preemption of 1000 Acres Adjoining and that a Certificate issue for the same."

[p. 22-23 Certificate Book of The Virginia Land Commission 1779 - 1780 , by The Kentucky Historical Society, 1923]

Let's see now... John Clark in 1774 claimed land on Clarks Run that contained a road leading from the Boiling Spring to the Knob Lick... and James Brown claimed land lying roughly 1 mile above (north) Clarks Station.  John Crow had established himself southwest from Fishers Garrison [known by Rees' Lottery Cabin] which became know as Crow's Station. working a giant puzzle...more pieces to come.