Friday, February 21, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (part 7)

The petition of 1776 continues from (part 7)...

"And as we sincerely concur in the measures established by the Continental Congress and Colony of Virginia, And willing to the utmost of our abilities to support the present laudable cause, by raising our Quoto of men and bear a proportionable share of Expense that will necessarily accrue in the support of our common Liberty.  And that good order may be observed we proceeded to Elect a Committee consisting of Twenty one members, already some in West Augusta and which precedent we rely upon to justify our Procedings to the world, for without Law or authority, Vice here could take its full scope having no Laws to Restrain or Power to Controul."

The Continental Congress and Colony of Virginia appear to be the focus of authority being sought by the folks in these parts of Fincastle County during the year of 1776.  It would seem that they were in agreement to the "present laudable cause" and in "in the support of our common Liberty".

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