Friday, September 2, 2016

The Journal (3)

The Journal continues:

"Tuesday the 3rd day of April 1792"

"The Convention met according to Adjournment."

"Sundry petitions from the County of Bourbon praying for certain principles to be engrafted into the Constitution were read and ordered to be referred to the Committee of the whole today."

Fayette County, one of the first three Kentucky counties formed in 1780, gave up its land in 1785 to form Bourbon County.  Just three years after the Revolution, the folks around here still recognized their indebtedness to the French royal house of Bourbon who provided men and monies in this struggle for independence.  [Fayette Co. named after Marquis d'Lafayette and Paris was to become the capital of this new county.]

"The Convention then resolved itself into a Committee of the whole Convention to take into consideration the matter to them referred.  Mr. Garrard was elected to the Chair, and after sometime the President resumed th Chair and the Chairman reported that the Committee of [the] whole had taken into consideration the matters to them referred and had made some progress therein, but not having time to go thro' the same had directed him to to move for leave to sit again Tomorrow which was granted."

"Resolved That this Convention will Tomorrow again resolve itself into a Committee of the whole to take into further consideration the matters to them referred."

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