Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (Part 2)

The petition from "Herrodsburg, June 7 - 15th. 1776" continues...

"And in the meantime a Company of men from North Carolina purchased or pretended to Purchase from the Cherokee Indians all that track of Land from the southernmost waters of the Cumberland River to the Banks of the Louisa or Kentucke River including also the Lands on the which inhabitants live in Powells Valley, By Virtue of which Purchase they stile themselves the true and absolute Proprietors of the new Independent Province, (as they call Transylvania) they are indeavoring to Erect and in consequence of their their Usurped authority officers both Civil and Military are appointed, Writs of Election issued Assemblys convened, a Land Office opened, Conveyances made, Lands sold at an Exorbitant Price and a System of Policy introduced which does not at all Harmonize with that Lately adopted by the United Colonies, But on the Contrary for ought yet appears this Fertile Country will afford a safe Asylum to those whose principles are Inimical to American Freedom."

Richard Henderson and company had independently negotiated a treaty with the Cherokee Indians. [ a great council at Sycamore Shoals on the Watauga, March 19, 1775 ]   As the Louisa Company, they had advertised in Virginia and North Carolina newspapers in December 1774 that land could be purchased. [So certain were these folks from North Carolina.]  In January 1775 they were reorganized as the Transylvania Company.  All this activity was occurring under the laws of England.  The petitioners above [from Harrodsburg] identify this activity "which does not all Harmonize with that Lately adopted by the United Colonies".  In 1776, how could you refuse such reasoning. 

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