Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Humble Petition 1776 (Part 3)

The petition of 1776 continues from (part 2)...

"But your Petitioners have the greatest Reason to question the Validity of those mens purchase being well informed that the Cherokees never extended their claims north of the Cumberland River, nor would warrant any Lands on the other side.  Besides its well known, that the Indians of the Six Nations Claimed and ceded those very Lands to the Crown of Great Britain at a Treaty held at Fort Stanwix in November 1768.  We therefore are not willing to obey those men, or the Authority they have assumed or indeed to acknowledge any power or prerogative, which is not derived from the Convention of Virginia whose subjects we desire to be considered."

Greatest reason to question the validity of the Transylvania company's authority.  Under which treaty do they operate their land claims...Fort Stanwix (Six Nations) or Sycamore Shoals on the Watauga (Cherokess)?  [The Shawnees who had dealt mostly with folks from Pennsylvania were not included although many of these petitioners were from PA.] 

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