Monday, December 3, 2012

Upon Dry Ground - Sort of

There are 31 rivers, 800 creeks, 45 large lakes, 33 small lakes, and 87,000 farm ponds presently in the State of Kentucky. [Plus or minus here and there.]  Certainly not all these things existed when folks started their way into this area.  At least 4 major rivers had something to do with the water routes into the central area of the State.  The following figure shows roughly an outline of these 4 rivers and their relationship to this area that was to become Danville.

From the east, a branch of the Kentucky River, called "Dix" or "Dicks", comes the closest to the town lands of Danville.  From the northwest,  branches of the Salt River, one called "Chaplin", come close to the lands that were to become Danville.  Green River and Cumberland River finish the circle that surrounded this settlement area.  It would seem that these "town lands" would pretty much be in the center of things such that, heading almost any direction would place you on a water route out of town.   "Upon Dry Ground" I am thinking, sort of.

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