Friday, August 18, 2017

State Representatives for KY 1792

This post continues the listing of the first representatives for the State of Kentucky 1792:

Fayette County                                                            Bourbon County         
     William Russell                                                           George M. Bedinger
     John Hawkins                                                              John Waller
     Thomas Lewis                                                             Charles Smith
     Hubbard Taylor                                                           James Smith
     James Trotter                                                             John McKinney
     Joseph Crockett
     James McMillan                                                     Mercer County  
     John McDowell                                                            Samuel Taylor
     Robert Patterson                                                           John Jouett
                                                                                           Jacob Froman
Jefferson County                                                               Robert Mosby
     Richard Taylor
     Robert Breckinridge                                               Madison County  
     Benjamin Roberts                                                          Higgason Grubbs
                                                                                            Thomas Clay
Lincoln County                                                                   John Miller
     William Montgomery
     Henry Pawling                                                        Mason County  
     James Davis                                                                   Alexander D. Orr
     Jesse Cravens                                                                 John Wilson

Nelson County                                                             Woodford County   
     William King                                                                  John Grant
     William Abell                                                                 William Steele
     Matthew Walton                                                             John Watkins
     Edmund Thomas                                                            Richard Young
     Joseph Hobbs
     Joshua Hobbs

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