Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Journal (1)

The first "Constitutional Convention" of Kentucky was held in Danville, April 2 to April 19, 1792.  A "Journal" was kept of the meetings, which was reproduced by the State Bar Association of Kentucky for "Kentucky's Sesquicentennial Anniversary, June 1, 1942.  On page 1, the first day's activities are recorded as follows:

"At a Convention begun and held at Danville in the County of Mercer on Monday the second day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and ninety-two."

[Boyle County was not to form for almost 1/2 century [1842] after this convention was held here in Danville.  All legal and court records are located in Mercer County prior to 1842.]

"On which day being the day appointed by a resolution of a Convention held for the District of Kentucky on the Thirtieth day of July One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety."

[This was the ninth convention that was held at Danville on Monday, July 26, 1790.  George Muter was elected President, and Thomas Todd, was elected Clerk at this 9th meeting.]

" A Majority of the members having met and taken their Seats."

"Ordered That Mr. Thomas Todd be appointed Clerk to this Convention."

"The Honble Samuel McDowell was unanimously elected President"

Appointing "Clerk" and "President" was the first order of business.  The Todd and McDowell families were continue their roles in the foundation of Danville.  The front page of this source is shown below:

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