Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Act of Separation 1785 (7)

The final part of this letter continues:

"In this Address we have discarded the complimentary stile of adulation & insincerity- it becomes Freemen when speaking to Freemen, to imploy the plain, manly unadorned Language of Independence.....September 23d 1785"

The individuals who signed this document that I have been able to find are: 1) John Coburn, 2) William Kennedy, 3) George Muter, 4) Samuel McDowell, and 5) Levi Todd.

This petition was sent to committee at the General Assembly of Virginia 14th November 1785.

This documentation taken from: Petitions of The Early Inhabitants of Kentucky To The General Assembly of Virginia 1769 to 1792, by James Rood Robertson, John P. Morton & Company, 1914. pp. 79 - 82.

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