Monday, April 20, 2015

Town Lots Prior to 1792

Prior to 1792, the town lots of Danville were under the care of Trustees.  [See post 4 Mar. 2015 "In Trust"].  The figure which follows show the lots as "sold" up to the time Kentucky became a State of the Union.

Town Lots Occupied Prior to 1792

The 10 lots held by Harry Innes remains in blue. [14,20,35,43,44,45,46,47,55,56]

The lots which include the remaining Trustees are shown in green.  They are as follows:

Peter Tardeveau had six lots. [4,8,12,25,62,63]
George Muter had four lots. [52,53,54,55]
Thomas Perkins had four lots. [28,29,50,51]
Andrew McCalla had two lots. [1,21]

The Trustees held 26 lots between them which is 41% of the town prior to 1792.

The remaining lots were occupied by the following folks:

James Edwards had two lots. [5,6]
Issac Hite had two lots.[38,39] A business partner to Walker Daniel.
John Cohurn had two lots. [7,11]
George Slaughter had two lots. [25,26] Old George was a relative of mine!

A total of eight lots which is 13 % of the town.

The lots shown in white are those that did not seem to be sold to others, and were the remaining lots opened after 1792.  [16/63 = 13%] It would appear that at least three lots per block remained unoccupied except for the block on the north side of "Broad Street" = Main Street.

This was the town lots prior to 1792!

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