Friday, March 20, 2015

The Petitioners

Those who singed the letter to the Virginia Legislature dated 19 November 1787 are listed below.  The request begins:

"Petition of inhabitants of Danville and others...".  They would be the first citizens of Danville!

1)  Harry Innes
2)  Martin Daniel [brother to Walker Daniel]
3)  P. Tardiveau [first name was Peter]  He was a friend of Walker Daniel.
4)  Robert Corbi
5)  Robert Daniel [brother to Walker Daniel and heir at law to the estates of Walker]
6)  James Lawrence
7)  David Furguson
8)  J. Brown [believe his first name was James]
9)  Jon. Belli
10) Stepn. Ormsby
11) John Crow [sold the 76 acres to Walker Daniel]
12) Andw. McCall
13) Thos. Barbee
14) M. Nagle
15) Samuel Irwin
16) Christo. Greenup
17) Ben Grayson [ believe "Grayson's Tavern" named after]
18) John Irvin
19) George Muter
20) Ro. Craddock [ Robert was the first name]
21) Jas. Dunlap
22)Thomas Lodg[?] unable to read name from document
23) Willis Green [business partner to Walker Daniel]

Say hello to the petitioners and first citizens of Danville!

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