Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thomas Harrod 1776

It took a bit for the dust to settle after the decisive battle of Point Pleasant.  The summer of 1776 found a number of new folks settling the land around the area that was to become Danville.  Thomas Harrod [believed by most to be the brother of James Harrod] raised a crop of corn on the land lying on "sinking spring".  His certificate reads:

"Thomas Harrod by James Harrod this day claimed a right to a settlement and preemption to a tract of land lying on sinking spring joining the North West side of James Browns land by improving the same & raising a Crop of Corn in the year 1776 satisfactory proof being made to the Court they are of Opinion that the said Thos. Harrod has a right to a settlement of 400 Acres of Land including the said Improvement & a preemption of 200 Acres of Land for the same, he declining to take the remainder of his preemption.-"

This "sinking spring" still runs today on what has become the campus of Centre College.  It can be seen just off Main Street and the junction of Saint Mildreds street.  Six hundred acres would be just less than a mile square area.  Thomas Harrod's land would become the land of Centre College!

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