Friday, August 2, 2013

James Brown 1774

Certificates continued to be issues by the court held at Harrodsburg October 28, 1779.   John Cowan in behalf of James Brown received the following:

"(Cert issued for 1400 fees &c pd. D.D. to John Cowan)

      John Cowan in behalf of James Brown this day claimed a right to a settlement and preemption to a tract of land lying on Clarks Run about 1 Mile or 1 and a half Miles above Clarks Station by improving the same in the year 1774 and raising a Crop of Corn on the premises in the year 1776 satisfactory proof being made to the Court they are of the Opinion that the said Brown is entitled to a settlement of 400 Acres of land including said improvement & the preemption of 1000 Acres Adjoining and that a Certificate issue for the same."

[p. 22-23 Certificate Book of The Virginia Land Commission 1779 - 1780 , by The Kentucky Historical Society, 1923]

Let's see now... John Clark in 1774 claimed land on Clarks Run that contained a road leading from the Boiling Spring to the Knob Lick... and James Brown claimed land lying roughly 1 mile above (north) Clarks Station.  John Crow had established himself southwest from Fishers Garrison [known by Rees' Lottery Cabin] which became know as Crow's Station. working a giant puzzle...more pieces to come.

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