Sunday, February 15, 2015

Town Lot #34

The town lots that were to become the city of Danville came under the control of  Robert Daniel, the "Heir at Law" to our Walker Daniel.  One of the first acts of business was to sell the town lots.  Lots were sold beginning February 22, 1785 through June 2, 1792. [Kentucky became a State on June 1, 1792.]   The first lot to be sold was "lot #34".  Its position is shown on the figure below.  North is to the top of the page.

John Hunter was the first to own a lot in Danville!  His purchase is dated 22 February, 1785.  Lot #34 is colored blue and lies on the corner of  "Second Street" [now Market Street] and "Cross Street" [now Third Street].  The parking garage is now located on lot #21, the old Methodist Church now stands on lot #22, and the educational wing of the hospital begins on lot #33.  The center of town in 1785 this town lot #34.

[This information is taken from my book titled: "KEN - TAH - THE" The Life and Times of Walker Daniel Founder of the Town Lands of Danville, Kentucky 18th Day of June 1784".]  Whew...a picture of the cover is shown below.  It was published 2009.