Saturday, June 15, 2013

John Crow 1774

The "Certificate Book of The Virginia Land Grant Commission 1779-1780" records the official decisions regarding who was on first.  The folks who thought they owned the land had to come before this commission to make their case regarding their "rights" to own the land.  The following is given on p. 305 of the book by The Kentucky Historical Society:

" (Cert issd for 1400)  John Crow this day claimed a settlement & preemption of 1400 Acres of Land in the district of Kentucky on Acc't of improving the same in the year 1774 & 1777 & Raising a crop of Corn in the year 1776 the s'd Crowe is to survey a half way between 2 Cabbins with a Square line that the s'd Crowe built in the year 1774 one Cabbin covered South West from Fishers Garrison Known by Rees' Lottery Cabbin the other N.E. from s'd Station and the s'd Fisher is not to go more than half way to another Cabbin that the s'd Crow built in the year Aforesaid which Cabbin lies North from s'd Station Satisfactory proof being made to the Court they are of Opinion that the s'd Crow has a right to a settlement of 400 Acres of Land to include the above Location & the preempt'n of 1000 Acres of Land adjoining & that a Cert issue accordingly.-"

John Crow was certainly busy during the year 1774.  It would appear that he built two cabins.  In also seems apparent that by the 22nd day of April 1780, a "...s'd Station..." [ Crow's Station] was known to exist.  "Fishers Garrison" and "Rees' Lottery Cabbin" were used as landmarks to locate this survey right.  The land that was to become Danville has its start in this "settlement & preemption".